Independent Project Review

Typically, Independent Project Reviews are commissioned when a project is in trouble and needs rescuing. This is a case of 'closing the gate after the horse has bolted'. In these circumstances an Independent Project Review becomes a post-mortem.

Rather, Independent Project Reviews should be commissioned at regular intervals throughout the project lifecycle.

Review is not Rear View. Review means taking a fresh look and is forward looking. The focus is on continuous improvement to maximize opportunities and manage risk.

To be truly independent and unbiased, an Independent Project Review should be conducted by a person or persons external to the Project Sponsor organization, Project Team, and Project Stakeholders. Otherwise, the findings will be biased by one or more of many biases including:

  • Confirmation bias

  • Recency bias

  • Anchoring

  • Egocentrism

  • Loss aversion

  • Sunk cost fallacy

  • Escalation of commitment

  • Controllability bias

  • Excessive optimism

  • Overconfidence bias

  • Regency bias

  • Groupthink


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